First of all, if you do not understand the reference in the title of this entry. Why are we still friends? You can make it up to me by watching it NOW.  

So, I went on a road trip. It was awesome. I will now recount the adventures to the best of my ability despite having finished the trip over a month ago.  


The Beginning: 

It was just the beginning...
Odometer: 0

Micah and I left for the Big Apple and, after a nice drive over the Chesapeake to avoid D.C.’s horrendous traffic and up through the Embroidery Capital of the World, crossed under the Hudson to the City that Never Sleeps. For whatever reason, I love driving in The City. Micah, being an avid avoider of big cities most of the time, happily let me drive in The Banking Capital of the World. He thought he was going to die a couple of times, but that’s perfectly normal for a first-time visit to America’s Mecca. You kind of have to be just as assertive/agressive as they are and then they learn to accept you. If you hesitate, you will go nowhere. It’s a beautiful puzzle through an endless maze of asphalt. 

Driving in NYC - It pretty much looks like this all the time.
It looks like everything's whizzing past, but in reality it's a constant race to 40 mph followed by a slamming on breaks. Rince and repeat.

Soon after arriving, we met up with my friend Laura’s childhood friend Dan (who I have never heard called without the suffix “TheMan”) who was our host for the weekend. A cool guy with a ridiculously tiny apartment that he pays ridiculous rent for just to be in Brooklyn. It’s amazing how some people are able to afford to have a whole family live in The City of Skyscrapers. It was, nevertheless, a quintessential NYC experience. 

"Everybody takes the subway in New York. It's fast, it's efficient, gets you there on time, it's a way to...ok. There's a guy pooping in a cardboard box down there." --Michael Scott
First time on the NYC Subway. w00t!

The first night we went to a bar with a small group of his close friends from work…. Or so we thought. He invited us to join him on his post-workday Friday-night hang-out with some of his co-workers. We thought, “Awesome! We get to hang with DanTheMan and meet some more random New Yorkers.” Turns out, he only knew about four of the probably 20 people there. People kept inviting other people and it kept growing. Got to meet a whole bunch of random drunk people. It was…an experience. 

Chrysler Building - One of My Favourites

The next day, Micah and I toured The City of Cities. We did a bunch of the touristy things…especially if they were free. We checked out the Museum of Natural History, Central Park, a lot of the major skyscrapers, Grand Central Station, Times Square, The NY Public Library, and a lot of just random walking around. We didn’t get a chance to see the Statue of Liberty (except the “view” from the NJ Turnpike). There is also just a ridiculously large amount of stuff to do in The Crossroads of the World. (A special HatTip to This Site for their help on “The Super City”)

Times Square

 Shipping off to Boston:

After a second night with Dan–this one bar-hopping around Brooklyn and then back to his flat for philosophical conversations and fermented goodness–we had to say goodbye to the five boroughs and we headed North. The trip from NYC to New England has always, in the past, taught me a few things. This trip was no exception. Here is a list of the things we learned:

  • Finding free wireless internet in Connecticut is about as easy as finding a Kennedy from Massachusetts that’s a Republican.
  • You cannot plug your coffee-maker into the cigarette-lighter; if you do, be prepared to buy a few more fuses.
  • Bringing your own coffee-maker on a road trip is still a really excellent decision.
  • Roads that cost money due to tolls are ironically in worse shape than the roads that were paid with tax money.
  • Connecticut has a lot of ugly industrial areas on their coast.
  • There’s a reason why they call it Taxachusetts.
  • The phrase “You Can’t Get There From Here” takes a whole new meaning. (See this guy’s blog post: I feel his pain.)
  • In Massachusetts, “Happiness” is apparently found by hunting zombies.
I want to be happy...

In Boston, we stayed with a friend of Micah’s that he used to work with back in Asheville and her fiancé. They lived in a pretty swank apartment just south of Boston Proper and we got the full tour. Freedom Trail? Check. Boston Common? Yep. Boston Harbor? Youbetcha. Faneuil Hall, Quincy Market, and random other historical places where things may or may not have happened? And then some! It was a good trip with some good company.

The Custom House Tower - Boston, Mass.

It did strike me every once-in-a-while that we were standing on a place that has been a bustling city for over 400 years. How many people–famous or not–have walked these cobbled roads? crossed this arched threshold? rested on these wearied benches? Sometimes it’s too much to take.

USS Constitution - "Old Ironsides"

One thing that I probably got a bit too worked up over was the fact that what they did to the Old State House in Boston. This is a building that’s been around for nearly 300 years. It’s the oldest surviving building in Boston. It was home to the first elected legislature of the New World. And what did we do to it? We built a subway station in the basement.

Architectural Murder.

OK, that’s enough for now. Stay tuned for the next installment.


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